Here are some commonly asked questions about the embroidery process with some tips that will help improve your experience with Elements Imprint.  If your question isn't answered in this section please let us know:

How do I place an embroidery order?

Placing an order is easy, once you have all the embroidery information simply contact us via email or phone.  Please see our 'Artwork Guideline' to ensure you have all the proper artwork so we can start the process + don't forget to read through our 'Terms + Conditions'.


Are there any set up fees?

The only set up fee for embroidery is the digitizing charge for your logo + it is solely based on the specific size, density etc.  There is a maximum of 5-10% up/down to edit (depending on the design) the size of your logo without any additional charges however, anything more will result in a new digitizing set up as it reflects the recent changes made.   A digitizing fee is required as we need to digitize your logo which is saved digitally on file for future use.  All stitch counts are rounded up to the nearest thousand.


Can I send you my digitized embroidery logo to use?

We can embroider your products with a digitized embroidery file (DST file) that you supply.  However, Elements Imprint is not responsible for the quality of the embroidery from files that are not digitized by our company because we are unable to control the final outcome/quality by a third party.  We strongly advise a Pre Production Sample for approval prior to production with your supplied DST file as all materials sew differently.


My logo/artwork is already in a digital format, is a digitizing fee is still applicable?

Yes it is as digitizing is simply the process of converting artwork into a digital code that can be read by the embroidery machines which is different from a graphic artwork.  This process requires time, skill and needs to be done manually there a digitizing fee is applicable.  


How long will my order take?  

Our production time is 5 working days upon approval and receipt of goods.  All goods must be in house 3 business days prior to set production date to avoid delays.  Complicated orders with multiple locations/colors will require additional time.  If your order requires finishing please allow for extra time, add approx. 2 extra days to the turn around.  


What if I require my order to be completed before 5 working days?

Rush charges are conditional as it is based on available production capacity.  In most cases if we are able to avoid charging you any rush fees, we certainly will.  At times we may not be able to do so due to our production capacity, the following charges will apply.  

Same day delivery:  100% surcharge

1-2 Day delivery:  50% surcharge

3 day delivery:  30% surcharge

4 day delivery:  20% surcharge


does my order include shipping?

All orders do not include any shipping, postage or shipping time.  If necessary, we can assist you in blind shipping your finished order on your courier account.  Unfortunately we will not be able to arrange for Canada Post pick ups or drop offs.  Full shipping details + instructions must be provided at the time of ordering to ensure an efficient, seamless process.  


what is your spoilage policy?

Our spoilage rate is rather insignificant and is based on production events only.  Occasionally, unavoidable errors do occur during production as embroidery is an industrial process.  As a seller of embroidery products you must always consider this cost.  Industry standards allow for a 2% spoilage allowance per order rounded up to the next whole piece.  Elements Imprint limits its liability per item sewn to $20.00.  If exact quantities + sizes are required for your order, we do advise to order extra items in each size.  We will only credit accounts for all verified Elements Imprint for our 'At Fault' spoilage over 2% per order. No credit will be given under any circumstances for errors within the 2% allowance.  All orders by this definition are allowed one piece spoilage (even an order of one).   


what about manufacture spoilage?

Manufacturers defects on customer supplied goods should be addressed with the manufacturer, garment supplier + or merchandise vendor.  We make every effort to check your garments received against your Purchase Order for quantity + sizes prior to production.  We do our best to protect you against the errors of your garment vendors.  On occasion, we can mis-check garments, however, by checking the garments Elements Imprint is in no way taking on the responsibility for other vendor’s errors.   If manufacturer defects are noticed prior to production it will not be decorated.  It is also entirely possible that garments loaded onto the decoration equipment with manufacturer defects may not be noticed at all due to the method of decorating.  


What is the minimum amount of pieces I can embroider?

You can embroider 1 unit (minimum invoice amount $10) however, it may not be as cost effective as a larger quantity order as pricing is determined by quantity per design.  


Am I able to embroider flats and caps for a combined total?  

As pricing is determined by quantity per design.  Flats + caps can not be combined for total quantity + is considered as 2 separate orders because it has to be set up on separate machines.  


How do you price out Back order charges?

Back orders are billed as new orders, based on applicable quantities for each separate production run.  Pricing is determined by quantity per design.