artwork requirements needed?

Vector based file formats work best for all our embellishment services especially for screen print + fabric engraving.  Vector art allows the image quality to be maintained no matter how large you scale + the resolution will not be lost (especially for designs with a lot of details).  Your vector file may also include some raster artwork, please ensure they are at least 300 dpi at 100% of actual print size plus they are embedded (not just linked) into the file. 

For fabric engraving, please note half tones + gradients will not work therefore artwork submitted must be a solid color, preferably black.  As well, a minimum line thickness of 3 points is recommended.  

Examples of some file formats we accept (but prefer .Ai + .EPS files first, because Vector images are pretty much ready to go):

  • Illustrator (.AI)

  • Vector (.EPS)

  • PDF *These files are just containers + may contain both vector and/or raster artwork. Please ensure your image is vectorized otherwise an artwork charge will be applicable..


raster Files

We also except raster elements such as:  TIF, Encapsulated Post Script (.eps) format, or an Adobe Photoshop® Document (.psd) up to Adobe Photoshop® CS2.  All raster files must be saved at 100% of the final print size with a resolution of at least 300 dpi.

If your raster image is a one colour + does not have any halftones, please ensure you convert the colour mode to black + white, not just a greyscale. 



Please ensure all text fields are converted to curves, paths or outlines to ensure fonts are not substituted.  By doing so, the text becomes an object which can no longer be edited as text.  If your files are created in Adobe Illustrator, please select "Create Outlines" for all your text as this allows us to open the file without requiring the font.


Artwork Charges

Sometimes artwork supplied to us may not be useable as it does not conform with our artwork guidelines.  We may need to adjust size, text, color separations or other manipulations therefore,  an hourly art fee will apply.  This work will always be quoted prior to working on the artwork.  


Proofs/Mock ups

A proof/mock up will be sent to you via email or printed on paper for approval in person at our office.  Proofs are an essential way of assuring all design elements are placed according to your requirements.  We do not proceed with production until you have signed off on a proof. *Note: ELEMENTS Imprint Inc. is not responsible for hindrance on production due to delayed approval of any mock- ups.



If you have additional questions + concerns that aren’t addressed here, you may find them in the FAQ sections.  Please feel free to give us a call at 604.657.0217 or simply connect with us at: as we would love to hear from you.