Quality Assurance

Elements Imprint will gladly resolve any issues regarding orders that were not completed to your satisfaction.   We have a grace period of 14 days for you to notify us of shipped goods that were improperly manufactured + the claimed merchandise must be returned to us with the 14 days once terms of resolution have been made.


Pre-production Samples

At Elements Imprint, we understand a physical sample may help you decide + develop your brand.  With this in mind we offer the following services of decorating assurance before the full order is to be completed. 

Mock ups/Paper Proofs:  A paper proof containing all pertinent information for approval prior to production such as garment type/colour, size breakdown, pantones/thread used, graphic dimensions + any other important details pertaining to your order.  Once your approval has been received we will proceed with production.  Should any revisions be required please ensure you advise us immediately so we can make the changes for final approval.  This will help minimize any potential errors. 

Virtual Sample:  Wherever possible, we offer a virtual sample for approval.  Due to potential limitations of virtual samples, we do the best effort possible to use the exact product + color however it is not guaranteed.  

Pre-production samples (Embroidery + Fabric Engraving):   A pre-production sample is an actual product decorated with your specific logo as we set-up one item for you to approve.  This service is FREE for embroidery + fabric engraving orders providing an actual order has been received + goods are in our warehouse.  If there is no order but you require 1 sample, you will be billed accordingly for all the associated costs that comes with this process.  Costs will vary any where from $20- $200 depending on the item, set up process + work required. This pre-production sample order will be added to the work flow of the regular orders + may take anywhere from 3 to 5 business days.  

Pre-production samples (Screen printing):  We can arrange for a pre-production sample however, there are costs associated with this process.  Since all of the screens, films, plates, set-ups, color separations, etc needs to be completed prior to printing a sample, we will charge the listed price that corresponds to the item, plus all set-ups + preparation charges.  Costs will vary any where from $50- $500 depending on what needs to be screen printed. 

*Screen print pre-production samples charges are not returnable neither creditable. For any further information, please contact your account representative.

Press Check (Screen printing):  An inspection appointment can be arranged to sample the print, this is known as a 'Press Check'.  Please note with press checks, an approval must be received on the spot as the machines are fully set up to run your order once approved after the press check.  We will not be able to accommodate for an idle machine. 



The price for the goods (the contract price) shall be the price or prices specified by us in any relevant quotation tender or estimate.  Unless we expressly state otherwise in writing, all prices are exclusive of courier/postage.   You are responsible to pay the agreed contract price plus courier/postage specified on the invoice before any goods are released.  Payment is to be made in full unless otherwise stated.  We reserve the right to request a 50% (more or less) deposit payable on placing of the order.

estimates + quotes

Estimates and quotes expire in 30 days and they are subject to change upon review of the graphic.  You will receive an estimate within 24 hours of your quote request during business hours. 



All orders must be submitted with an ELEMENTS Screen Print Order Form or a Purchase Order must be provided.


Changes to your order

Changes are limited to the following:  adding additional pieces to the order, changing graphic color.  Additional fees and extra production time may be applied (subject to minimums).  As well additional fees will apply to anything added to the order AFTER the order has been placed.


Cancellations to your order

Absolutely no cancellations will be allowed if the order is already in progress or any printing has been done.  Charges are applicable.    



All orders do not include any shipping, postage or shipping time.  If necessary, we can assist you in blind shipping your finished order on your courier account.  Unfortunately we will not be able to arrange for Canada Post pick ups or drop offs.  Full shipping details + instructions must be provided at the time of ordering to ensure there are no delays once your order is completed.  


spoilage policy

Unavoidable errors can + will occur during production.  Industry standards allow for a 2% error/order.  If exact quantities + sizes are required for your order, we strongly advise to order extra items in each size.  Our spoilage rate is rather insignificant; we allow for 2% damage with a max liability of $20.00 per item for embroidery, fabric engraving + $15.00 per item for screen printing.  Additional production time will be required in the event of replacing items.  Elements Imprint will not be responsible for damages such as profit loss on spoiled or defected products.  Elements Imprint will issue a Credit Memo for any spoilage.  All Spoilage + Invoice Discrepancies must be reported within 14 days of completion on order.  We will only credit accounts for all verified Elements Imprint for our 'At Fault' spoilage over 2% per order.


manufacture spoilage/Defect

Manufacturers defects on customer supplied goods should be addressed with the manufacturer, garment supplier + or merchandise vendor.  We make every effort to check your garments received against your Purchase Order for quantity + sizes prior to production.  We do our best to protect you against the errors of your garment vendors.  On occasion, we can mis-check garments, however, by checking the garments Elements Imprint is in no way taking on the responsibility for other vendor’s errors.   If manufacturer defects are noticed prior to production it will not be decorated.  It is also entirely possible that garments loaded onto the decoration equipment with manufacturer defects may not be noticed at all due to the method of decorating.  

Quality Control

Elements Imprint proudly stands behind high levels of standards from our embellishment, turn-around + customer service, as your success is our success.  However, there are factors beyond our control that may cause some products to look a bit different from others.  The composition of the inks from our suppliers, material of the item to be printed on, and other factors may result in inconsistent imprints between orders.



Upon completion of your order, payment is due.  All invoices are to be paid in full before your order can be released.  We accept cheques, debit, Visa + MasterCard for payment.  Net 30 is only offered to those who qualify.  Past due accounts is unacceptable + will also to incur a 1.5% per month charge.  We reserve the right to revoke credit terms + hold your order until receipt of payment.

Elements Imprint is happy to resolve any invoice issues within 14 days of the invoice date.  We do our best to inform customers of all of the applicable fees and charges to each order during quoting; however on rare occasions there may be additional or different charges based on final artwork revisions or production changes.  

pricing + policies

Elements Imprint Inc has the right to change and alter pricing/polices without further notice.

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding our price list, quotations, terms or conditions, please give us a call at 604.657.0217 or simply connect with us at:  hello@elementsimprint.com as we will be happy to assist you with your inquires.  Thank you for choosing to work with us.